Welcome to the Tonita Family web site!

This site is dedicated to the family of Ionita and Safta Badea and their Tonita decendants. They came to Canada from Romania in 1907, in search of a better life for their family. The family now 6 generations later stretches out to many corners of the earth, and it is our hope that through this site we can unite the family from coast to coast.

We are Tonitas with a legacy to uphold. We hope to create a tapestry of stories and memories, which will be an heirloom for the enjoyment of future generations. We invite each and everyone to join with us in building this heritage for our families.

This is your family website and we need your help to keep it current, fun and interesting. Please send us your family statistical updates for the NEWS page - with pictures, if possible.  We are also looking for vintage pictures (with names and dates attached) for our PHOTO page, so look in your old photo albums to see what interesting pictures you  may have to share with the family.

On our HISTORY pages we would like to read about the stories we didn't print in the HistoryBook.  Do you remember a tale your grandparents told you, or do you have a recipe for Grandma Tonita's delicious rosebud jam?  Our Tonita family is a treasure trove of fun folk lore and we would love to hear all the special stories you have to share.

              "Let's Keep The Connection Alive

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