2008 Tour to Romania

Hello Family,

I am so excited – I just received the cost of our Romania tour for this summer, and I cannot believe how reasonable the price is!!!!  We went at the end of September last year for 10 days for a cost of $840.00 US or about $925 CDN, and this  year’s cost for 13 days in High season is only $1350.00 CDN!  There are also all breakfasts, 4 dinners and two lunches included this year – as opposed to all breakfasts & 2 dinners last year.  This works out to an approximate cost of $104/day.  For those of you who went last year and know what beauty we saw in the country and how much fun we had, I am sure you will agree with me, that this is an absolutely amazing price.

We need to have 24 people to ensure this price – and if we reach 30 or more the price decreases.  Do we want to try for another group of 42????????  I have not extended this invitation to anyone outside the family at this point – I want to be sure that our family has first opportunity to book.  Let me know as soon as you possibly can if you are planning to join the tour.

The same as last year, everyone is expected to book their own flights to Bucharest – arriving around 1:30 pm.  I will book my flight and see if that time is still the same for arrivals from North America.

We have set the dates of the tour for July 30 – August 11th.  Which means you will be traveling to Romania on July 29th –arriving July 30th, and leaving August 11th – arriving home August 11 - 12th.

Okay – does it sound like I am excited?  You are right, I am – Romania is so beautiful and traveling with family is GREAT!!!!!!!!

Love to you all – I am waiting to hear from you.

Rashelle Babij